0.99 Alpha - Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the interface from working after a new card was added.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented email reminders from going out.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the “Update Budget” nav from lighting when active.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented scheduled emails from being sent.


  • Tweaked Jackson theme a bit.


  • Added paid accounts support/integration with Stripe.
  • Added forum support for paid accounts (premiere support, beta for “Life Hacker” plan).
  • Added “0% APR expiry date” and “credit card due on (day of the month)” fields (“Life Hacker” accounts only)
  • Setting your paycheck frequency to “It’s complicated” now downgrades your email frequency preferences to once-per-month (it won’t change if you had previously chosen “No emails”).
  • Added “About”, “Features”, and “Pricing” pages (accessible via top nav when you are not logged in.)