Beta 1.0 - Patch Notes

Welcome to Beta!

Debt Decimator is now functionally complete. From this point forward, we’ll be moving toward release by focusing on bug fixes, optimizations, and security. There is one major update planned for the interface, but for the most part, it should behave as we originally intended, back when this project started.

Additionally, we’ll try to keep track of known issues in a separate thread.

Below lists the latest round of changes that were applied, taking us from 0.99 Alpha to Beta 1.0:


  • Fixed an issue that prevented new user creation via the on-boarding demo.

  • Fixed an issue with resubscribing to a paid account that had been cancelled.

  • Fixed an issue where passwords couldn’t be reset.

  • Fixed a problem with the interface when users created a fresh account but did not use the demo at the start (ie. users that begin with no cards at all)

  • Fixed an issue that caused plans with only 1 card to display errors if the specified budget wasn’t high enough to withstand the debt load.


  • The “Pay Your Bills” screen now allows you to mark a payment “paid”, accepting either the recommended value or a custom one that you specify.

  • Cards now have a visual representation: designs are dynamically generated at random when you add them, and in the “Update Your Budget” screen.
    – If you click on a card, you’ll enter CARD DESIGN STUDIO, where you can re-generate new random designs, or supply a code to use a specific design that you like.
    – Designs will be shared in these forums and top designs (by usage) will appear in the What’s New -> Top Card Designs nav item in the top menu.

  • 0% APR cards are now supported (paid accounts). 0% APR cards are leveraged two ways:
    – When determining hot cards, 0% APR cards are deprioritized when being compared against cards whose interest rate are accruing now.
    – When the schedule is calculated, interest on 0% APR cards isn’t calculated (until the due date is hit).

  • Individual card priorities are now considered when calculating the payoff strategy (paid accounts). You can adjust each card using the slider in the “Update Your Budget” screen: sliding toward “Sooner” encourages the calculation to favor the card; sliding toward “Later” encourages the calculation to defer its payoff until after other cards are paid.

  • Credit card due dates are now supported (paid only). If you specify the day a card is due, the payoff schedule calculation will use it, rather than splitting it across your payment frequency.


  • All panning functionality was re-written using fullPage.js.

  • The “Call” icon/question-mark now points to the correct DD blog post on the subject.

  • Added new entry dialogs for fresh accounts with no cards, guiding them to the “Update Your Budget” section by default.