Beta 1.1 - Patch Notes


  • Be on the lookout for hot cards, now indicated in the interface (and be sure to check out the color of the flame when you switch to Dark mode)!
  • A great number of javascript includes were moved to the to decrease load/render times.
  • Some tweaks/fixes were made to the “80’s ATM (Dark)” theme (because we love the 80s).
  • Completed another pass tweaking whitespace on mobile devices – the excess whitespace is now pushed to the bottom of pages on mobile, rather than the top.
  • Buttons should once again be sized correctly (ie. buttons shouldn’t be bleeding over/into borders / other buttons / off the screen, etc.)


  • Fixed a bug that threw an error if a visitor tried to go directly to the demo results page without actually stepping through the demo.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed comically high or negative interest rates which caused the calculator to crash - interest rates must now fall within the range of 0 - 100.00% APR (Yes, we found a credit card charging 79.99% interest IRL).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a subscription purchase from completing if payment info was left blank.
  • Fixed an issue preventing preferences from being properly loaded in the profile section.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the user from scrolling on a mobile device.
  • (MOBILE) Fixed a bug that skewed the hamburger thumb (nav) icon.
  • Fixed a bug preventing values from sometimes displaying immediately after a bill was paid.

Home page demo

  • Tweaked the demo so that there are more identifiable buttons at the end of the calculation save your work/create an account, or to alternately run another calculation.

Pay Your Bills

  • Navigation between your list of cards and the details/summary of a specific card should now scroll back to the top of the screen, regardless of where you were before the navigation.
  • Hot card(s) are now identify by flaming red buttons (list of cards) and fiery orange “Card Summary” header text (card detail).

Calculate Your Future

  • Your Month (at a glance) now indicates which card(s) are hot (orange flame icon).


  • Improved the checkout process so that a user can see their added credit card information before they click the Confirm Purchase button.

Card Designs

  • Added some fixes for the card designs that weren’t scaling.
  • Added initial attempt at setting text color based on primary bg (it’s still wonky)


  • E-mail reminders are now smart enough to not remind you to pay bills you’ve already paid for the month in question.
  • Bills are now ordered by pay date when they appear in your reminder e-mail.