Beta 1.2 - Known Issues

We’ll try to keep this post updated with a current list of known issues. Check here before submitting a bug report.


  • Images on the Home page, About page, and Features page are missing.
  • When you first land on the “What would you like to do?” screen, if you navigate away too quickly, a JavaScript error dialog will pop-up.
  • The “Top Cards” page is a placeholder/WIP.
    Some buttons appear larger than intended.
    Some screens (especially on mobile) display much larger gaps of whitespace than intended.
  • (MOBILE ONLY) Chrome / Safari on iPhone isn’t rendering the main three large square buttons correctly (Pay Your Bills, Update Your Budget, Calculate Your Future) immediately following log-in.


  • Many of the REST calls are wasteful and bloated at the moment - either too many calls are being made, or too much data is being returned with each call.
  • SQL needs to be transactionalized, with rollback support.
  • SQL parameters are not being applied consistently.

Home page demo

  • If you only specify 1 card with a high debt load, and do not specify a budget large enough to withstand that card’s debt load, the calculator will bump your budget up to the minimum payment on the card, but will not indicate this change back to you.

Card Designs

  • Sometimes, the text color chosen won’t be readable against the card’s background (ie. light text atop a light background)
    Some designs do not scale correctly between small, regular, and large card views.

Pay Your Bills

  • If your session times out, you aren’t bounced back to the login screen (an error is generated instead).
  • If you try to copy/paste a dollar amount into either field, the “$” isn’t correctly stripped out.
  • When you are mark a bill as paid, you always get the same dialog with the same trivia, 100% of the time.
    - If you toggle Show Cards to “All” and then update a card so that it gains a nonzero calculated payment, when you return to the list of cards, the “Pay On” date for the newly updated card remains “-”.
    - The first time you return to the app at the beginning of the month, if your plan is cached (which is 99% of the time for returning users), the bill due dates/already paid visual elements will incorrectly display the previous month.
    - When initially displaying the bills screen, the UI indicates the default sorting order is by Due Date, but the actual elements aren’t sorted at all.
    When you select a card to pay, sometimes the values will not display.
    The list of cards do not indicate which card(s) are :fire: hot :fire: .
    (MOBILE) When navigating between your cards and the details of a specific card, the screen does not always align correctly.

Update Your Budget

  • (PAID ONLY) The individual card priority slider doesn’t display “Sooner” and “Later” on either end of the range, but instead, show a 0 and a 1.
  • (MOBILE) The calendar under the “Schedule By Month” tab needs serious :heart: :heart: :heart:.
    Entering a negative interest rate will throw an error.
    Entering in comically high interest rates (eg. 4000% APR) aren’t correctly prevented, and will cause the payoff strategy calculation to generate an error.

Calculate Your Future

  • The initial range (the portion your future you first see) isn’t always sized correctly.
  • When you are down to 1 remaining card with a high balance, and specify multiple pay periods per month, the calculator incorrectly recommends paying 1 payment each month – it should split that individual card across multiple pay periods.
  • The colors used to represent your cards in the “Future Milestones” panel don’t match the base/primary color of your card’s designs.
  • If you only specify 1 card with a high debt load, and do not specify a budget large enough to withstand that card’s debt load, the calculator will bump your budget up to the minimum payment on the card, but will not indicate this change back to you.
  • During payoff calculation, CALL cards are pushed all the way to the end of the payoff strategy, rather than re-considered every time a card is paid off.
  • (MOBILE) “Future Milestones” should provide an indicator to recommend rotating your device into landscape.
  • If a card falls into the 30-day rule (has a balance, but also has $0 min. payment), any additional cards that also fall into the 30-day rule incorrectly calculate a non-zero payment.
    The “This Month (at a glance)” tab doesn’t indicate which card(s) are :fire: hot :fire: .
    - When hovering over a checkpoint flag, two pop-ups will display instead of one, and one of the pop-ups will display a longer, non-human readable date.
    - The “Future Milestones” panel is missing a dashed vertical line for every new year along the timeline.


  • “Export Your Data” sends a raw CSV to the browser. It should be compressed into a .ZIP first.
  • Setting e-mail reminders to “On Card’s Due Date” doesn’t change the behavior of the reminder schedule.
  • If you set e-mail reminders to “Once per month”…you’ll still receive emails more than once a month. :frowning:
  • If you don’t have an active session, deep links from the e-mail reminders into the app don’t work (you are kicked to a login screen instead).
    E-mail reminders aren’t yet smart enough to exclude bills you’ve marked as paid.
    In the body of the reminder e-mail, the list of credit cards you’re being reminded to pay isn’t ordered by due date.


  • If you cancel a paid subscription, then resubscribe, but change the type of plan you want to subscribe to, DD will incorrectly subscribe you to 2 plans.
  • Errors during payment processing need to be handled better/is a WIP.