Beta 1.2 - Patch Notes


  • Added copyright information, contact us page, sitemap, robots.txt
  • Added the day/night toggle to the footer - anonymous users should still get to have some fun!


  • Fixed an issue preventing bills without a pay date from showing freshly updated information while updating their balance/min_payment in the Card Summary screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the UI indicated to the user that bills were being sorted by their Due Date on the “Pay Your Bills” screen…but the bills weren’t actually sorted at all.

  • Fixed an issue that caused users with a payment frequency of “every two weeks” to receive a botched payment plan on months with three pay periods – the last card in the user’s list would not receive a pay_date).

  • Fixed a few data validation bugs with the homepage demo

  • Fixed an issue that caused invalid CSS to be generated on a brand new account (with no cards).

  • Fixed an issue that caused credit card balances to display three decimals instead of two on the line graphs.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented “CALL” cards from displaying during the homepage demo.

  • Fixed CSS issues with top nav and selected menu items (ie. What is DD? Contact Us).


  • All REST calls are now subject to XSRF vulnerability protection; you can no longer make blind REST calls to the API by simply passing url parameters that you specify.

  • Improved the REST client-side error handling.

  • Further adjustments have been made to when/which scripts are loaded by the browser, which should improve the app’s speed.

  • The home page, about, contact, features, and pricing pages are now utilizing CFCACHE for improved performance/rendering speed.

Pay Your Bills

  • The card summary title should gain/lose “Fire” if becoming/losing its hot card status in the middle of paying a bill.

  • Changes to your bills (ie. old cards paid off/no longer have a date, new cards gaining a balance/pay_date/hotness) will now correctly reflect when moving back and forth between Card Summary and the list of cards.

Update Your Budget

  • Dialog added to prevent users from setting budget lower than the lowest minimum payment in the deck (produces an infinite payoff strategy that crashes).

Calculate Your Future

  • The “Future Milestones” panel should now display a vertical dashed line for every new future year along the timeline. Additionally, “The Finish Line” is now a visible dashed line at the end of the timeline.

  • “Checkpoint!” flags are now “Debt Decimated!” flags.

  • The “Debt Decimated!” flags should no longer show two dates when hovering over them.