Jessica Feedback

Hi! I thought I would post here rather than the little DM box. :slight_smile:

TL;DR: This is a really cool idea for an app site, but the UX can be confusing.

Keep in mind I work in content, so I have lots of opinions on that:

  • Reading the copy on the homepage – it felt too long and I think didn’t do a great job of explaining to me why this site is cool and why I should sign up vs. anonymous trial. (Because it is and I should!)
  • Seeing the debt-related facts when adding cards really resonated with me, like, “Oh wow, yeah, debt can be serious and should be eliminated”. Maybe use that emotional trigger on the homepage somewhere.
  • There are a TON of great features for having an account that I didn’t even realize until I signed up. For example, I was thinking, “a debt calculator with no place to include card interest rates doesn’t seem really accurate” when doing the anonymous calculation. That’s a good moment to remind people to sign up for advanced features.

UX Feedback

  • Not being able to manually close the pop-up info windows was frustrating
  • The “enter more debt” flow was confusing… I couldn’t see previous cards? It felt like they may not have been saved (although I discovered later that they were).
  • Lots of contractors are paid once a week, so low priority you might want to add that option :slight_smile:
  • The “Pay Your Bills” menu name and page is super confusing, and I didn’t understand what it did without playing around. It’s more … “Record your payments” rather than actually paying, and the whole flow of marking down payments feels really unwieldy. This workflow and page to me are noticeably less “smooth” than the rest of the site.
  • The middle menu option is basically settings, right? I don’t know, I’m just spitballing here, but I think you want to funnel people to the “Calculate Payoff” because that’s where the calculations and aspirational parts are… it’s the “meaty” menu option, and right now it feels equal or less important in presentation than setting an emergency credit card. Crazy idea, but maybe a guided tutorial for new accounts to fill in budget settings, and then give it less visual significance in the menu for subsequent visits?
  • The slidy screen effect in the Pay your Bills section was cool and felt very modern web


  • I tried to save my debt calculation by creating an account, and it logged me into my homepage but then in a split second redirected to the login form with an error about “probably being still logged in”.
  • The upgrade to paid button in user settings didn’t work for me
  • The user settings page feels cut short after the “export your data” button?

Sorry for the small novel. Hope some of this is useful!!! :slight_smile:

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This is fantastic feedback! Thank you for spending a few minutes and writing this up. We’ll be reviewing each bullet in detail to gauge how best to leverage these suggestions.

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to give it an initial exploration, we can reveal a few more tidbits:

  1. Re: Lack of Interest Rates During Demo: There was a concerted effort to avoid asking for interest rates during the home page demo. Two reasons:
  • We didn’t want to discourage a person from attempting the demo who doesn’t happen to know their interest rates by heart; we felt this could be a blocker and/or abandonment trigger.
  • We want to impress upon new users that we mean what we say when we are a privacy first app – and we will only ask for the absolutely bare minimum that is needed to run a workable calculation. At this stage of the experience, the person is still 100% anonymous to us, and every extra bit of info we ask for risks decreasing that trust.

Having said that, we admit that we struggle with this for the very reason you state: The lack of a visible option for interest rate at the outset could dissuade savvy budgeters. We plan on reviewing this, to see if we can split the difference some way.

  1. Re: The “Enter More Debt” flow: You are not the first person to express frustration with this. We’d like to rework it so you see the card’s balances as you continue to add more.

  2. Re: “Pay Your Bills” We hear you on this and agree: Pay Your Bills conveys that you are making the actual payment through our app (which you’re not). We’re tossing around some possible ideas for a clearer way to convey to people what this is.

  3. Re: “Update Your Budget” aka the middle menu: We’ve started some early concepts of the next rev of the UI, which splits things up quite differently than they are today. The v1.x build you played with (codenamed “Compound”) organically grew throughout development – what made sense when we started is now suffering as a result. We’re going to try to polish this a bit more before departing for v2.x.

  4. Re: Settings page feeling cut short: The layout of the settings pages could use some :heart:, we agree. It’s important that the settings page (as well as everything) work well both in mobile and on the desktop, so we purposefully didn’t get too fancy with this layout. We’ll look at some improvements/polish here.

This is now fixed; brand new accounts weren’t automatically logging in correctly.

Great catch; also fixed as of now.